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jdusk 09.02.2016

Failed in Pathology Exam During the Official Exam Period?

The general medicine students who failed in pathology exam in SS have their credits ascribed for the WS only- it is ended with just credits. No obligation to attend the practices in the WS.

For the SS their credits are NOT ascribed- therefore they need to attend the practices during the SS and get the credit once more - in fact we recommend repeating of BOTH semesters to increase the probability of successful exam result during the next academic year. The earliest date for the further exam attempts is then during the preterm in SS (usually second half of May).

For the Dentistry students analogous rules are applied only their exam term is WS, as the pathology course is taught during the SS 2nd year and WS 3rd year .

SS - summer semester

WS - winter semester

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