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General medicine Winter Term 2017-2018

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Study groups and teachers

Microscopy practices for General medicine take place at Microscopy room A and B (Institute of Pathology, 3rd floor) Seminars take place at Seminar room (Institute of Pathology, 3rd floor). Autopsy room is on the 1st floor at the Institute of Pathology. 

Syllabus of lectures, seminars and microscopy practices

Localisation of practices

Examination questions

The questions cover the whole course but in fact, the questions are of limited importance. It is the overall pathology knowledge what counts when sitting for the examination. Substantial gaps presented sometimes actively by the examinees themselves can leed to a temporary failure. Some notes about the right strategy in the study process and about the consultation possibilities are available in separate articles.


The examination process

Due to the extent of the topic several weeks preparation is recommended, of course following an active participance in the whole course. 


List of histopathology slides

During the examination two slides are given for description and subsequent diagnosis. Please do not omit the description, in case you produce the right diagnosis immediately, you will be most probably asked to mention the key diagnostic features.

Institute of Pathology 1st Medical faculty (prof. Dušková) co-operates in the project "Creation of the Virtual Histopathology Slides Collection for the Undergraduate Histology and Pathology Teaching", cytegory A, project No 3081/2006). The main realisation team works under the leadership of Ass. Prof. A. Ryska, Medical Faculty Hradec Králové. This slide collection is available on http://www.patologie.info/vip/



You may also use another virtual atlases (high quality e-learnig provided by different universities; for undergraduate student requiring starting general knowledge illustration some of these can be too specialized):

Autopsy practices

The autopsy practices start usually during the last weeks of the winter term. Due to a planned reconstruction of this part of the institute, the start will be announced later.

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