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jdusk 03.05.2017

Individual Study of Microscopy Slides - Summer Term

2.5. - 2.6.   Mo and Thu 13,30-15,30 *

5.6.-30.6. Tue, We, Thu 13,30-15,30

5.9.-7.9. Tue, We, Thu 13,30- 15,30

Sets with slides are lent and returned in the electron microscopy laboratory on the 1st floor.

* English speaking students can make use of slides for their own study as well as individual consultations during  May (only) Prof. Dušková´s regular Friday consultation hour is from 3 to 4 pm.

Please, e-mail me the evening before your planned visit, so I may confirm that I will not be out of the institute at that time. J. Dušková.

Slides that have been acquired at the electron microscopy laboratory - 1st floor - are to be returned at latest to this laboratory at 3,30 pm (end of working hours of the laboratory staff), unless you have a consultation with Prof. Dušková (Fri) - then you can stay till 4pm (or later) and return the slides to her.


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