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jdusk 20.02.2017

Pathology – Regular Consultation Hours

Consultations in pathology take place at the office of Prof. Dušková, Inst. pathol., 3rd floor, on Fridays 3:00-4:00 pm. All English (Czech, German, Russian, French) speaking students are welcome during this time.


Please, provide notice of your intended office visit 1-2 days in advance via e-mail to jaroslava.duskova@lf1.cuni.cz to insure that I am not out of the office at that time due to other obligations.

Several rules for use of the consultation hours are listed here:


Consultation is not a substitute for regular teaching. Do NOT come with the question „What shall I say to the question Nr. x?“

We have well organized courses tought by experienced teachers, all important topics are covered by the lectures (in a greater depth than required for the exams), and rich documentation for learning the necessary morphology is provided.


2) The clinically useful „points of gravity“ – teaching minima - and especially the links among all the items of knowledge, are covered during the practices - ASK YOUR TEACHERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FOR THESE LINKS to build your own „network of knowledge „ i.e. the base of differential diagnostics.


3) Come for consultation with well formulated problems you have not understood through the available lectures & recommended texts.


4) If you are unable to come during scheduled office hours, you can use also e-mail to ask a question.


5) You can use the consultation hour also to solve the organisational problems of your individual study situation ( absence due to illness, baby care, etc….) We will be frankly helpful but: DO NOT ASK FOR SPECIAL EXAM DATES beyond the general faculty rules explained in another article.

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