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mbart 16.10.2020

Organization of pathology instruction - update 14.10.2020

6716Dear colleagues,

based on the constantly changing current situation and updated restrictions in the Czech Republic we would like to make clear the following: Pathology practical classes will continue to be taught in person. The newly updated government restrictions now state that in person teaching can be held for a group of maximum of 10 persons (instead of 15), which given the size of your previously divided subgroups means that the requirements are properly met. If necessary, it is possible (after consulting and arranging this with your group teacher) to move a part or the entire practical lesson of your group into a combination of in person/online distant teaching, which is an option reserved for cases when the majority of students from the given class can no longer attend their lessons in person.

This approach and organization of your instruction is fully in agreement with the regulations set by the government of the Czech Republic (Regulation no. 997/2020), which explicitly states that practical classes for students of general medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutic subjects and other medicine-related fields are excepted from the restrictions and may still take place.

We have also prepared a simple, comprehensive poster to sum up the current organization of your pathology classes, which is available HERE or as an attachment to this post.

If there any any changes to the organization of your classes you will all be informed immediately through MS Teams and also on the website of our Institute.

mbart 26.09.2020

Organization of pathology instruction in the winter semester 20/21

 Dear colleagues,

the current organization of pathology classes (based on the epidemiological situation at the moment) is available HERE, and also as an attachment to this post after opening it.

We would also like to ask you to keep regularly checking the faculty website for more up-to-date information, as the situation keeps changing and new restrictions might come into place as the semester progresses.

mbart 23.09.2020

Updated information on pathology instruction in the winter semester 20/21

Dear colleagues,

at the moment we are working on a detailed summary of information on how will pathology classes (and instruction in general) be organized in the winter semester 20/21. As you have undoubtedly noticed yourselves the situation changes on an almost day-to-day basis and it is not easy to react quickly and efficiently to these changes, so please be patient and bear with us, as we all try and cope with the new changes. We would like to assure you that you will all be contacted by your group teachers before the beginning of the semester on Tuesday 29.9. and will be informed about the organization of your classes. This information will also be available here on our website, in this section, by Tuesday.

Any relevant changes to the organization of your studies will be implemented as they become effective depending on the decisions of the Czech Republic government, and you will be informed of these changes sufficiently ahead of the time before they come into effect. Updated information will be passed onto you via the already established channels (SIS, department website, MS Teams, class group emails).

We also recommend that you continue to regularly check the websites of LF1 and Charles University for updated information.


mbart 01.04.2020

Summary of teaching activities of the Institute of Pathology during crisis measures

Based on the current crisis measures and the transformation of Pathology instruction into a distance course, we have prepared a poster summarizing the teaching activities and organization of your studies. Hopefully it will help you navigate the ways how your pathology lessons are currently being replaced and what is being done to continue your studies.