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mbart 19.05.2020

Information about the organization of distant exams from pathology

The updated information on organization and provisions concerning the distant form of Pathology exam is available HERE, or as an attachment to this article after opening it.

The Methodological Guidelines for the organization of distant exams is available at the Faculty website HERE.

mbart 15.05.2020

Updated information on obtaining credits for pathology for the summer semester 2019/2020

Dear colleagues,

updated information on the granting of pathology credits for the summer semester are available HERE, or also as an attachement after opening this article

mbart 05.05.2020

Updated information on the organization of pathology exams

Dear colleagues,

all of the exam terms for the summer semester will be published on the SIS on the 6.5.2020 (the first block of exam dates will consist of the pre-term dates up to and including 30.6.2020, the possibility to sign up for these terms will be open from 12.5.2020). The exam period is extraordinarily extented this year and, as usual, the list of exam dates is extensive. However, we would like to make it clear that the exam dates as they are published on the SIS (dates as well as number of spots available) is strictly final and it is impossible to make any changes to them.

There are only 2 exceptions for which certain adjustments may be made:

1) The first of the exceptions is related to the following published statement: „In the case when a student cannot attend their exam (or any other form of study progress control) in person, or if the exam needs to be postponed as a result of coming into contact with an infectious person during volunteering activities, the student should be enabled to sit their exam in the distant fashion online. In the case of exam in person, the student will be allowed to re-sit the exam at the earliest possible term following the contact with an infectious person (the time duration is based on the judgement of each individual department). If at that time there are no free avaiblable terms at the previously published exam terms, the department will open a special exam term for the purposes of the student´s re-sit.

2) The other potential exception is the transfer between types of exam terms (that is switching between in person and distant terms), given that we are not currently capable of predicting precisely which type of exam will be needed more and at what time, so the type of exam may change depending on the situation at that time.

The exam terms published in the SIS will be marked as either distance or in person. The course of the distant exam and its arrangements is described in the instruction by the Dean no. 5/2020 (Czech version is available here: https://www.lf1.cuni.cz/document/88297/5-20.pdf - we will provide a link to the English translation as soon as it is available).

The Department of Pathology has set the criteria for choosing the distant exam option as follows (therefore it is not possible to choose distant exam solely based on the personal preferences of any given student):

1) the student cannot attend the exam in person for objective reasons, e.g. being located abroad

2) the student cannot attend the exam in person because they are in breach of the requirements stated in the Statutory declaration regarding COVID-19. (see https://www.lf1.cuni.cz/file/88306/cestne-prohlaseni-en.doc).

We would also like to mention that the terms on the SIS are set to begin at 8:00 by default, but based on the number of students and current quarantine measures in place it is possible that you will be invited for your exam for a different time. This would be done on an individual basis ahead of the scheduled date and you will be informed about the time change beforehand by either email or a telephone call.

mbart 05.05.2020

Updated information on pathology instruction during crisis measures (effective from 4.5.2020)

Dear colleagues,

by the decision of the Czech Republic government concerning the progressive loosening of the quarantine measures imposed on university education, as of 11.5. it will be possible to have classes in groups of up to 15 persons. The decision also states that before entering the educational institution in question every student must provide a signed Statutory declaration confirming the absence of infectious viral disease symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, dyspnea, sudded loss of smell and taste etc.). Students will only be allowed to attend in person if they are free of any acute health problems which could signify the presence of viral infectious disease (see https://www.lf1.cuni.cz/file/88306/cestne-prohlaseni-en.doc).

However, given that the number of students of some of your classes exceeds the allowed limit of 15 persons and the fact that not all of you are in the Czech Republic, the pathology instruction will continue fully in the currently established distant form.

As a reaction to the new measures we are re-instituting the possibility of attending consultations with individual teachers in person. It order to secure such a consultation it is necessary to contact individual teachers beforehand and arrange a date and time with them. The possibility of consultations via MS Teams remains in place.

You will be updated on the organization of the pathology instruction, which will be in place for the week starting from Monday 18.5.2020, sufficiently ahead of time, as soon as the relevant updated quarantine measures become available to us.

mbart 28.04.2020

Updated information on pathology instruction during crisis measures (effective from 28.4.2020)

Dear colleagues,

based on the decision of the Czech Republic government from 23.4.2020, No. 455 (or, as the case may be, No. 456) it has been announced that as of 27.4.2020 personal attendance and participation on educational activities (such as clinical, laboratory and practical classes, personal consultations and exams) is henceforth allowed for groups composed of maximum of 5 persons.

Given the standard organization of pathology teaching and curriculum, it is impossible to apply these relaxed measures on your classes and fully return to teaching in person and personal attendance. Even though it is possible that in the future these measures will soon become extended and groups of 10 or even 20 persons will be allowed, at the moment the current measures cannot be applied in our context.

Therefore, effective as of next week (4.5.2020) and onwards, pathology instruction continues fully in the form of distant teaching according to already established practices and schedule.

Any relevant changes to the organization of your studies will be implemented as they become effective depending on the decisions of the Czech Republic government, and you will be informed of these changes sufficiently ahead of the time before they come into effect. Updated information will be passed onto you via the already established channels (SIS, department website, MS Teams, class group emails).

We also recommend that you continue to regularly check the websites of LF1 and Charles University for updated information.

mbart 01.04.2020

Summary of teaching activities of the Institute of Pathology during crisis measures

Based on the current crisis measures and the transformation of Pathology instruction into a distance course, we have prepared a poster summarizing the teaching activities and organization of your studies. Hopefully it will help you navigate the ways how your pathology lessons are currently being replaced and what is being done to continue your studies.

mbart 29.03.2020

Infomation about the final Pathology exam in summer semester 2019/2020

Based on the decision of the Rectorate of Charles University, and in accordance with the dean´s collegium of the First Faculty of Medicine, we have updated the information about sitting your Pathology exam at the end of this summmer semester. The information is availabe HERE or as an attachement to this post.

mbart 27.03.2020

Updated information about the organization of Pathology lectures

 We have updated the organization of Pathology lectures, which will be in effect from Monday 30.3.2020. The detailed information and instructions are available HERE.

mbart 25.03.2020

Updated information on pathology instruction during crisis measures (effective from 30.3.)

Dear colleagues,
based on the crisis measures which currently remain in effect in the Czech Republic and the uncertain situation concerning their duration and our return to the usual organization of teaching, we have prepared a comprehensive summarizing document which describes in detail the current organization of Pathology instruction for the foreseeable future. 

Effective from 30.3. we are transferring as much of your instruction as possible to the platform Microsoft Teams (according to the details which are explained in the document above). For more updated information please keep checking our website, which will inform you about any and all current changes.

mbart 18.03.2020

Updated conditions for obtaining the credit for pathology in the summer semester 2019/20

Because of the current crisis measures and changes in the organization of the Pathology course, the conditions for obtaining credit for Pathology have been changed.

New conditions for obtaining Pathology credit for this summer semester are as follows:

1. Based on the current abscence of microscopy practical lessons (and given the uncertainty whether it is going to be possible for you to study the slides during the usual dates in May-June) we have decided to cancel the practical slide exam, which is otherwise a mandatory part of the summer semester credit.

2. The period of distance studies, which is in effect for the durating of the crisis measures, is counted as a part of your required attendance. Your personal presence at lessons is being replaced by active contact with your group teacher and active participation on activities set by your group teacher. 

The credit for summer semester will therefore be given based on meeting the attendance requirements (maximum of 3 allowed absences, missed lessons during the crisis measures are not counted among these) and based on the active approach of each student during the time of distance studies (which will be evaluated by the group teacher).  

mbart 17.03.2020

Information about Instruction during Quarantine Measures

 Dear colleagues,

given the current quarantine measures in place and a temporary prohibition from personal attendance to lessons we have prepared a summary of information about the temporary transition of your instruction into a distant course. Attached to this post you will find detailed information about the possibilities of replacing your personal attendance with self-study and about the array of available study materials, which will all be placed under the subject of Pathology 2 on the SIS. 

We thank all of you for your cooperation during these undoubtedly difficult conditions and want to remind you that if you have any questions at all, your group teachers are here for you and they will continue remain in contact with you.

For more information we recommend to also keep monitoring the website of LF1 UK, which is continuously updated, as well as the website of Charles University.