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jdusk 03.10.2019

PDF versions of the lectures presentations


In pathology images are very important . You will understand and remember them better if not occupied too much with taking notes in a partly darkened auditorium.

You can print the pdf in advance and complete with your notes or use them for quick revision of the topic. They do NOT represent a substitute for the textbook.

The publication of the presentations on the website of the Institute of Pathology was terminated after several years due to repeatedly found plagiarism.

Lectures are moved to SIS, where you can find them by logging in to the relevant subject. After entering the Department of  Pathology a list of courses will be displayed. There you will find also the literature recommended for study.

As lecturers usually update their lectures annually, the available presentation will be updated after the lecture.

Publication of pdf versions of lectures by individual lecturers is VOLUNTARY.

If you are interested and you do not find it, try to ask the author - he/she will certainly be pleased.

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