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mbart 11.12.2019

Case of the Month 11/19

The next case from our Case of the Month series is dedicated to atherosclerotic occlusion of all three main visceral arteries coming from abdominal aorta, which led to severe ischemic necrosis of abdominal organs and ultimately to death caused by combined septic and hypovolemic shock. We are using this case to demonstrate one of the rarer, but highly serious complications of severe atherosclerosis and organ ischemia. Together with the description of the main findings during the autopsy we have also included a short overview of the theory on ischemic enterocolitis, its main signs, possible therapy and also differential diagnosis for clinical practice. 

mbart 25.10.2019

Case of the Month 10/19

 We begin a new season of the Case of the Month series with a case focused on the area of congenital metabolic diseases, specifically one of the lipidoses - Fabry disease. In this case study we are demonstrating an example of fully developed organ complications characteristic for this disease, along with a short overview of the theoretical background and also a mention of the possible therapeutic options and clinical prognosis.

mbart 23.10.2019

Case of the Month - Cases from the academic year 2018/2019

 All the past cases from the academic year 2018/2019 are listed in this article and all remain to be available for download. Happy browsing and donť forget to keep checking for updates on this year´s new cases!

mbart 17.09.2018

Case of the Month - Introduction


6495The newly established feature called "Case of the Month" is dedicated to all pathology students who are interested in additional information, fresh from the daily routine work of our bioptic and necroptic laboratories.

At the beginning of every month, a new article will be added focusing on a selected case from our practice. We will use this case in order to comprehensibly demonstrate the selected example of a disease or a diagnosis, complete with a suggestion of which exam topic the disease would fall under. Where a classification is available, a short overview of the classification along with the placement of the discussed disease in the classification will be provided, thus providing the students with an overview of a differential diagnosis as well. Every case description will include authentic macro- and microphotos, short medical history and a brief summary of the most important theoretical background information.

The aim of these posts is the introduce the students to interesting and above all illustrative examples of pathological states and disorders which might otherwise be overlooked during lectures or seminars, or diseases which we consider so important that we want to dedicate more time and focus to them. At the same time, these cases will be presented to you in the same context in which we are confronted with them - in the context of a patient and a medical history, not as an isolated chapter in a pathology textbook.
We hope that you will welcome this opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the normal pathology practice and that you will find the case demonstrations to be a useful addition to your studies.






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