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mbart 01.12.2020

Exam topics for students of General Medicine, 20/21

The list of exam topics for students of General Medicine valid for the academic year 20/21 is available HERE, or as an attachment to this post.

The current list represents an updated version of exam topics, and covers the entire spectrum of pathology in the same way that it is taught to you. We have designed the topics to reflect a modern approach to pathology, classifications and the subjects as a whole with the aim to make the preparation for your exam clearer and easier.

mbart 25.09.2020

Updated conditions for obtaining the credit for winter semester 20/21

The credit will be awarded to students after fulfilling the following conditions:

1. During the course of the semester, each student must take all of the General pathology tests available on Moodle. More information about the tests is available here. In order to obtain the credit it is necessary only to take the test, not its result – therefore it is not necessary to pass a certain point threshold or meet any time deadlines. The students can take these tests in any order they wish to and at any time, provided that they have taken all of the tests by the end of winter semester.

2. Meeting the attendance requirements - During the time when in presence teaching of the practical lessons is allowed, attendance of these classes continues to be mandatory. The students are allowed to have a total of 3 excused absences for the entire semester. However, given the current epidemiological situation (and the very real possibility that some students will need to undergo mandatory quarantine) the students are also allowed additional absences outside of the alotted three absences. These cases should always be considered individually and actively discussed with the group teacher, who will devise alternative mechasnisms for the student to still be able to obtain their winter semester credit.

mbart 25.09.2020

The group schedule and assigned teachers for the winter semester 20/21

The up-to-date list of teachers assigned to individual student groups is available here, or as an attachment to this post.

mbart 25.09.2020

Syllabus for General Medicine and Dentistry for the winter semester 20/21

 The up-to-date pathology syllabus for General Medicine and Dentistry (the syllabus for both is identical) is available here, or as an attachment to this post.

jdusk 08.11.2018

The course of the examination of pathology - General Medicine

The dates offered by the Department will be surplus in the SIS in relation to the number of students. The conditions for using them can be found in this text. Here are some recommendations on how to succeed: How to increase the probability of success in the pathology examination. How to increase the probability of successfully passing the pathology exam?
jdusk 29.02.2020

Pathology – Regular Consultation Hours

Regular consultations are held on Fridays afternoon.

Details and some rules how to use and HOW NOT TO USE  the consultations are provided.

jdusk 09.02.2016

Student Identification Cards

During the pathology course the students will attend autopsy practices and laboratories accessible only for doctors, medical staff and students. It is therefore necessary to have your identification badge with a photograph with you !!!

jdusk 10.03.2016

Teaching Premises of Institute of Pathology

The teaching process is realized on all three floors. Please do not forget that you enter an area with the risk of infection and stick therefore to the hygiene rules. Keep the corridors and auditorium halls clean.

Besides  the teaching process standing diagnostic activity is performed during the whole day for the Faculty General Hospital. Keep the noise during the breaks on a tolerable (academic) level.

jdusk 09.02.2016

How to increase the probability of successfully passing the pathology exam?

Several well meant points to help in pathology study.

Rules for performance on examination at the Institute of Pathology in the subject Pathology

Rules for specifying examination dates, registration and cancellation for an exam and re-examination. All dates on which the exam can be taken will be listed on SIS from last days of March in agreement with the academic calendar. This number of dates will be definitive.

jdusk 14.10.2020

Syllabus Winter Term 2020 - 21

 Syllabus plus localisations of the practices and teachers of study groups.

mbart 12.03.2020

Online gallery of macroscopic pathology photos

We are continuously working on improving our teaching methods and available study aids for our students, and that is why at the moment we are  working on creating a dedicated online gallery of macroscopic pathology photos, all sourced from our own archives of autopsy and biopsy cases.

The gallery will serve as an extra resource of reliable, teacher-verified information to provide you with as high-yield study materials as possible.The gallery should be finished and published during March 2020 and the students will be informed about its launch during their regular classes as soon as it is ready. The link to the gallery will be provided here, on our department website.

Until our gallery is ready, we invite you to make use of some of the freely available online galleries of other institutions, such as the Pathology Education Instructional Resource Library (PEIR).


jdusk 01.10.2019

Dentistry - Organ Pathology Lectures

Pdf versions of the lectures do not substitute the textbook. The do not contain explanations and comments provided during the presentation

mbart 26.10.2018

The list of exam slides for summer semester credit

The official list of exam slides for the summer semester credit examination is available here.

jdusk 30.03.2017

Autopsy Demonstrations & Pathology Examination

The increase in autopsy demonstrations was not as high as planned. Therefore the macroscopy description of organs during an autopsy will NOT be a part of the examination process.