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jdusk 02.07.2018

Holiday examination dates

Please, do not waste time asking for additional examination dates. Their number is FINAL,  planned acording to the rules in advance and in surplus. The only right way is to plan properly and to start to study on time and hard.

jdusk 06.06.2018

The course of the examination of pathology - General Medicine

The dates offered by the Department will be surplus in the SIS in relation to the number of students. The conditions for using them can be found in this text. Here are some recommendations on how to succeed: How to increase the probability of success in the pathology examination. How to increase the probability of successfully passing the pathology exam?
jdusk 12.02.2018

Summer Term 2018 - Syllabus

Syllabus for General Medicine and Dentistry students, study groups and teachers.

jdusk 19.04.2018

Individual Study of Microscopy Slides - Summer Term

Microscopy room A  - in case of clinical seminars or postgraduate teaching also Microscopy room B

jdusk 11.05.2018

Online viewing of the microscopy slides required for the credit exam

Virtual slides of the pathology course required for the credit are available for individual viewing at WikiLectures.

jdusk 20.02.2017

Pathology – Regular Consultation Hours

Regular consultations are held on Fridays afternoon.

Details and some rules how to use and HOW NOT TO USE  the consultations are provided.

jdusk 09.02.2016

Student Identification Cards

During the pathology course the students will attend autopsy practices and laboratories accessible only for doctors, medical staff and students. It is therefore necessary to have your identification badge with a photograph with you !!!

jdusk 10.03.2016

Teaching Premises of Institute of Pathology

The teaching process is realized on all three floors. Please do not forget that you enter an area with the risk of infection and stick therefore to the hygiene rules. Keep the corridors and auditorium halls clean.

Besides  the teaching process standing diagnostic activity is performed during the whole day for the Faculty General Hospital. Keep the noise during the breaks on a tolerable (academic) level.

jdusk 09.02.2016

Preparing for the exam? Use Electronic Textbooks!

Don't forget that there are e-books available for students of The 1st Faculty of Medicine for free.

jdusk 09.02.2016

How to increase the probability of successfully passing the pathology exam?

Several well meant points to help in pathology study.
jdusk 09.02.2016

Failed in Pathology Exam During the Official Exam Period?

There occur rather frequent questions regarding the possibility of the exam period extension beyond the latest date. The educational board of the faculty has adopted and recommends the following general rules that we accept for teaching and examining pathology:


helenaskalova1 14.08.2018

Rules for performance on examination at the Institute of Pathology in the subject Pathology

Rules for specifying examination dates, registration and cancellation for an exam and re-examination. All dates on which the exam can be taken will be listed on SIS from last days of March in agreement with the academic calendar. This number of dates will be definitive.

mbart 21.06.2018

The list of exam topics for General medicine for the academic year 2017/2018

The list of pathology exam topics for the academic year 2017/2018 is available here.

mbart 17.09.2018

Extracurricular activities available at the Department of Pathology in the winter semester 2018/2019

This link provides information on the newly offered activities available to students with deeper interest in pathology, who wish to gain better insight into the aspects of modern pathology. 

jdusk 30.03.2017

Autopsy Demonstrations & Pathology Examination

The increase in autopsy demonstrations was not as high as planned. Therefore the macroscopy description of organs during an autopsy will NOT be a part of the examination process.